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  • Welcome to Alutex

    Alutex Shading Systems… everything else is just shade.
  • Alutex Lateral Arms Awnings

    The only 20’ lateral arm awning projection in the USA
  • Alutex Windows Awnings

    For both home improvement and commercial application.
  • Alutex Elegant Pergolas

    Robust, Elegant, Reliable
  • Alutex Commercial Awnings

    Elegant & Quality Custom Design
  • Alutex residential Awnings

    Elegant & Quality Design
  • Alutex terrace Awnings

    The best Awnings on the market
  • Alutex Modern Pergolas

    Elegant Italian Design
  • Alutex Louver Pergolas

    Shadow Elegance, Visible Quality

Welcome to Alutex, the Italian Design of Shading Systems

Alutex Shading Systems, everything else… is just shade.

Alutex’s distinctive features are designed to offer a complete line of Awning Products, Patios and pergolas, Accessories, beautiful, durable Fabrics, and highly reliable Frames. Alutex has been an industry leader in manufacturing retractable awnings for nearly thirty years.

Alutex Shading Systems

ALUTEX® is one of the most creative North American manufacturers of Retractable Awnings, Patios & Pergolas today on the market.

Italian Creativity & Design

ALUTEX®’s use of tailoring equipment that employ electronic sensors during the cutting and sewing process, allows the production of a finished product that is certainly among the most high-tech ones today.

Dealers Support

ALUTEX®’s growth is due to its success in establishing a close working relationship with its dealers. Since each Alutex Product is custom made, we work closely with them to provide the most sophisticated sought-after product in the industry: an ALUTEX® Shading System!

What Makes Us Special

We provide a network of exclusive retailers and experts to help you plan a successful outdoor experience.

About Alutex

ALUTEX® is one of the most creative North American manufacturers of retractable awnings, patios & pergolas, today on the market.

The experience of a renowned brand, Alutex, 40 years in the shading systems market in the States. The best outdoor Italian products and designs, combined with a top service team on the ground.

Our New Jersey Headquarters

Our USA production & commercial center.
30,000 sqft of efficiency

Contact us today and receive a free quote for your next outdoor entertainment space upgrade.

Alutex Highlights

alutex experience

Alutex Experience

Every Alutex system is the result of a close collaboration between our attention to the requirements of the market and our engineering background.
We always design flexibility into our products. Whether for residential or commercial applications, the result of our research is always products designed to guarantee years of satisfaction and reliable service.

Reliable & Fast

Alutex’s extensive inventory of components allows our company to supply its products with prompt service and rapid delivery.
Our conventional products’ average lead time is 10 working days from the order date. Our delivery time is among the best in the industry for any other custom-made product.

alutex professional


We are committed to employing the most advanced technology available in today’s industry to the awning industry to offer sophisticated and reliable products to satisfy the most stringent demand of the market.
Nevertheless, we never forget the artisan touch, where the human factor still plays a fundamental role in the value of our products.

alutex exclusive


Alutex exclusive products are always the result of its effort to find exclusive solutions to special conditions, such as its Trio, able to reach 12’ in projection where only 10’ of available narrow width is available, or its Giant, the only lateral arm with 20’ of projection.
30 years of innovations and dedication to distinction.