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Product Description

Malaga is a retractable patio awning capable of offering up to 18’ of fabric projection. Designed with smooth lines and graceful curves, Malaga’s elegance is not compromised by its strength.

Either manual or motorized, Malaga is the perfect solution to provide a summer extension to any home and yet offering the same protection of a stationary awning without the inconvenience of winter storage.

Its self adjustable corners along its rails contribute to the simplicity of its installation. The possibility to lock down its fabric creates a total rigidity to the system that can be fully open during the entire summer season.

Ideal to cover large areas, Malaga’s aluminum frame is available in a white coated finish.

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Product Features
Simple. Malaga can be easily installed against any sidings thanks to the limited dimensions of its brackets.
Elegant. When its fabric is completely retracted, Malaga offers the discrete design of its frame, elegantly nished with a glossy white coating.
Secure. To secure Malaga to the ground, its uprights come with an inserted anchor foot easily fastened to the ground.
Discrete. When retracted, Malaga’s fabric rests discreetly along the siding few inches from the wall where it can be stored for winter.
Rigid. Horizontal windbreaks contribute to the horizontal rigidity of the system while providing the necessary support to the fabric as well.
Steady. Malaga’s steady windbreaks are elegantly nished like the rest of its frame, connecting its rails from side to side and guaranty their parallel position for its correct operation.
Technical Specifications
Width Range 9’ to 32’ (With single fabric)
Projection Range 9’, 13’, 16’, 18’
Side dimension N/A
Hood Optional
Hood Shape 10” Flat
Opening Control Gear or Motorized
Installation Option Wall or Ceiling
Bracket Size 4” H x 2” W x 6”D
Drop Down Valanc N/A
Pitch Control N/A
Fabric Options Over 300 acrylic patterns
Leg Kit N/A
Standard Frame Color White
Custom Frame Color Any (on request)
Frame Warranty 10 Years


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