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Product Description

Designed to offer a distinctive waterproof shading solution to the most sophisticate demand for outdoor luxury protection, Pergolouver is a self-standing or wall connected horizontal system able to be adjusted for natural light and ventilation.

Its aluminum elements are fully powder coated, and its slats allow a rotation between 0 and 140 degree with the possibility to select any desired intermediate position to better respond to any specific light direction.

Its perimeter is a hidden gutter connected to its uprights acting also as vertical drain sprouts while the motorized rotation of its slats offers sun or rain protection making any covered area always enjoyable.

Thanks to its adjustable slat rotation Pergolouver offers sun or rain protection making any covered area enjoyable. Its lats are provided with a rubber gasket that guarantees waterproof protection when the slats are fully closed.

Pergolouver can be produced as a maximum 14.5’ width and 20’ projection single unit with only four corner uprights or it can reach a 26’ projection with an intermediate upright. Side by side units can be combined to cover any proposed area.

Pergolouver is offered motorized with a low voltage motor and its 8” deep perimeter is perfect to receive sun or mosquito rolling screens in their elegant cassettes to provide privacy.

Optionally available in wall mounting version.

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Product Features
Expandable. ??? As part of the patio system collection designed by Alutex, also Pergopatio offers the possibility to install side rolling curtains in cassette to create a fully protected outdoor environment.
Safe. ??? Either if you chose sunscreen drop curtains for sun or privacy or mosquito screens for insect protection, side curtains installed around Pergopatio’s perimeter represent the perfect completion of these self- standing modern pergola.
Elegant. ??? Designed with particular attention to details for its components, Pergopatio offers precision and sim- plicity at installation level without compromising elegance.
Dependable. ??? Supplied with white or cream fire retardant waterproof PVC, Pergopatio is the perfect complement to selected outdoor areas to extend social gatterings or to create new separate personal spaces for privacy or leisure.
Technical Specifications
Width Range 6’ to 15 (1’ increment)
Projection Range 6’ to 26’ (intermediate leg at 20'
Slat section 8.5” x 1.5”
Upright section 8” x 8”
Perimeter section 8” x 8” x 2.75”
Opening Control Motorized only
Installation Option Self standing or Wall
Perimeter height 8"
Min. pitch for water flow 0%
Max. pitch for water flow 10%
Side curtains Optional
Standard Frame Color White
Rain Sensor Optional
Snow Sensor Optional
Custom Frame Color Any (on request)
Frame Warranty 5 Years on structural parts


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Product Highlights

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Adjustable slats from 0° to 140°

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Water-drain channels designed along the slats

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Adjustable floor anchor plate

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Perimeter rain gutter and 8"x8" water drain uprights

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Remote control

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Optional led lights