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About Alutex Shading Systems

ALUTEX® is one of the most creative North American manufacturers of retractable awnings, patios & pergolas, today on the market.

Your Alutex Shading System is the result of the combination of three major elements: The frame, The fabric, and The operating control.
LOCATED thirty miles north of New York City, from its 25,000 sq ft high tech and yet hands-on facility, since 1990 ALUTEX® designs, produces, and distributes a wide range of products exclusively through an ever-expanding network of dealers.
BORN from the natural combination of an outstanding desire for quality and almost thirty years of experience of its management, ALUTEX® background was formed in Europe, where awnings were persistently conquering the attention of the public since the early ‘50s.
WITH the ingenuity in the use of light-weight aluminum instead of heavy iron and acrylic fabric, instead of perishable cotton, awnings did not need to wait too long to come to American shores. Under different cultural conditions, ALUTEX® has found the perfect ground to express its professional craftsmanship. The pairing of American decks with awnings, patios & pergolas has lead to a demanding market for classic lateral arms and highly sophisticated remote controlled patio awnings with projections up to 20’.
ALUTEX®’s use of tailoring equipment that employ electronic sensors during the cutting and sewing process, allows the production of a finished product that is certainly among the most high-tech ones today.
ALUTEX®'s growth is due to its success in establishing a close working relationship with its dealers. Since each Shading System is custom made, we work closely with them to provide the most sophisticated sought-after product in the industry: an ALUTEX® SHADING SYSTEM!

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236 Margaret King Ave., Ringwood, NJ 07456

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TOLL FREE (800) 377-2564

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Manufacturer, wholesaler, distributor

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Production of aluminum components and manufacturing of retractable awning systems, Patios & Pergolas.

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