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Product Description

Riviera is a graceful solution of style that complements the outside of any window while enhancing the value of your home.

Designed to provide elegance with simplicity, Riviera offers the European flavor of a Mediterranean cheerful touch.

Dressed with the beauty of hundreds of vivid colors, riviera extends or retracts reducing its storage space to a few inches around the window.

Riviera provides a maintenance free solution while still offering an excellent protection from weather conditions.

Its light aluminum frame can project up to five feet out and fifteen feet across and still maintain its elegant Mediterranean flavor.

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Product Features
Durable. Engineered to satisfy the most stringent mechanical requirements, its arms are tested to last twice the expected life span commonly referred to by the industry and its stainless steel cables are protected with an UV resistant coating to increase their endurance.
Beautiful. Riviera’s sleek design has been achieved to enhance the value of your home. With the extensive variety of colors offered today by hundreds of vivid fabrics, the finish of its parts, its compact look when totally retracted, and the flexuosity of its arms when fully extended, Riviera has the look you want
Elegant. They say elegance is to stand inconspicuously. So, the discrete design of Riviera is meant to blend with the siding of your house while extending your presence to your immediate outdoor lending graceful ambiance to any setting. You will appreciate Riviera generous size and uncommon strength.
Dependable. Built only with the finest materials, Riviera frames are finished with electrostatic powder coated epoxy paint on all its parts to assure the most durable and yet elegant finishing against chipping, cracking, and fading. Like all Alutex products, Riviera is covered by a ten-year warranty.
Technical Specifications
Width Range 3′ to 15′ (1/4″ increment)
Projection Range 2′ to 5′
Side dimension 2″ to 4″
Possible number of ribs 2, 3, 4 or 5
Possible shape Classical rectangular or Dome
Stabilizing braces Optional
Hood N/A
Opening Control Manual cord, Gear or Motorized
Installation Option Wall, Soffit
Bracket Size 3″ H x 1.25″ W x 1″ L
Drop Down Valance N/A
Fabric Options Over 300 acrylic patterns
Leg Kit N/A
Standard Frame Color Aluminum
Custom Frame Color Any (on request)
Frame Warranty 10 Years



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Product Highlights

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Elegant and yet affordable, Riviera is built to offer a sophisticated answer to those in search for distinction.

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Aluminum Riviera’s components are finished to last and guaranty the best performance under stringent weather conditions.

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Riviera’s light frame is easy to install around any window molding with the simple use of light hardware tools.

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Riviera’s heavy-duty corners provide extra strength among its parts and still maintain the clean and delicate features of its design.

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Thanks to its compact design Riviera can withdraw within few inches around the window when completely retracted

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The use of optional braces easily removable without the use of tools can transform Riviera from retractable to rigid as desired.