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Confident Strength

Product Description

Flute is today’s modern proposal for social outdoor residential and commercial areas seeking a waterproof solution on demand against inclement weather conditions and providing shade as desired.

Its components are aluminum powder coated and designed to guarantee strength without compromising the light form of its parts.

Available up to 40’ in width and 23’ projection, Flute is electrically controlled by a remote control and/or by a wall switch.

Its parts are maintenance-free, and its longitudinal stabilizers are designed to sustain an elegant PVC cover available either in white or cream color to blend perfectly with virtually any architectural expectation.

Product Features


Flute is tested to respond to multiple opening and closing cycles under horizontal stretching to guarantee years of superior performance. 


Flute’s horizontal stabilizers are connected at their end to trollies attached to side rotating belts. When moved out, they extend or retract the PVCo their top, cover secured, generating a perfectly flat condition of the cover with consequent easy running of the water in case of rain.


When fully retracted by reversing the belts’ rotation, the Flute’s cover withdraws in a discrete pleated resting condition along the back wall. A convenient corrugated hood protects the pleated PVC from any water accumulation in case of rain.


Flute can be installed with optional rolling curtains along its perimeter to provide vertical protection from rain and wind. Flute structural parts carry a 5-year warranty.

Product Highlights

Available in 3 configurations

Detachable waterproof

When fully open
Perfect for big outdoor applications
Elegant interior design option
Clean and elegant outdoor home value and aesthetic improvement

Technical Specifications

Width Range
8’ to 40’ (1’ increment)
Projection Range
8’ to 23’
Side dimension w/Hood
8” H (extended), 20” H (retracted)
Side dimension
7” H (extended), 19” H (retracted)


Hood Shape
Opening Control
Motorized only
Installation Option
Wall, Soffit, Roof Mounted
Bracket Size
Min. pitch for water flow
Side curtains
Fabric Options
Heavy Duty PVC, Over 300 acrylic patterns
Standard Frame Color


Custom Frame Color

Any (on request)

Frame Warranty
5 Years on structural parts