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When security is not an option

Hurricane Protection Code Approved

Color and style are fundamental elements of Alutex Rolling Shutters that combine security and protection against natural elements with the existing decor of any building.

From white to light cream to brown or beige, Alutex Rolling Shutters are custom-made to ensure the perfect fit for any installation.

Their vented slats are the perfect solution to dim the light of your rooms from bright to dark to complete darkness at your command.

Supplied with manual or electrical control systems, motorized rolling shutters can be completely rolled up, closed, or stopped in an intermediate position, singularly or in group, by a central command station or remotely by the touch of a button or a telephone interface system.

When fully closed, shutters create an air barrier between the curtain of the shutter and the glass of the windows, with a consequent increase in the insulation factor of each opening.

The resulting reduction of cooling costs in summer and heating costs in winter makes a rolling shutter investment easy to recover within a few months.

When Security Is Not An Option

Very often, security is a synonym of isolation and confinement. But Alutex Rolling Shutters is the perfect answer with no compromise of freedom and elegance.

Designed to disappear discretely when unnecessary, Alutex Rolling Shutters offer excellent design, superior craftsmanship, and outstanding materials. They are completely fabricated to satisfy the most stringent quality control inspections. Alutex Rolling Shutters are designed, engineered, and tested to withstand category 4 hurricane wind forces.*

*Depending on the selected slat classes and application.